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Get unstuck and have the 
body, work, and relationships you’ve always wanted
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Do you wish you could shed the baggage that holds you back you from the life you REALLY want?
When we refuse to go after what we want in the present because of the past, our future is held hostage. When you’ve caught yourself being more inspired by Instagram posts than your own life, it’s time to shed the baggage, drop the excuses and start living the life you actually want (not the life you’re supposed to want.) A cleanse can help us feel like our life is finally happening -- instead of us waiting for it to happen.

Do you ever feel weighed down not only in your body but also in your life? 
When we feel “heavy” it’s a signal we’re holding on to things we need to release. Whether it’s a few extra pounds, clothes that aren’t “us” anymore, unspoken words or un-lived dreams... 
A cleanse can help us release the backlog and get unstuck so we can be a part of life again. 

Does the clutter in your home, fridge, or mind feel like WAY too much? 
Months old pasta sauce? Desk full of mail and clutter? Foot of the bed piled high with laundry (dirty AND clean?) If there’s clutter outside, there’s often clutter inside stopping us from experiencing life. 
A cleanse is a gentle way to give ourselves the attention we know we deserve -- starting with ourselves. 

Do you skip things you love so you can avoid feeling judged or watched?
Too loud, too angry, too fat, too fill-in-the-blank or just plain “not good enough.” Struggling with other people’s thoughts about us is a sign that we’re struggling with self-criticism and judgment. We weren’t born to judge ourselves and find ourselves lacking. We learned to do this. 
Cleansing our mind is every bit as critical as cleansing our bodies and our space -- if not MORE critical. If we are what we eat -- we eat according to how we think.

If any of this resonates with you, 
You’ll love…The Shetreat 28 Day Cleanse 
Limited Time Offer!  
$299 $199
If you focus on MIND: uncover the stories, excuses and baggage stopping you from being the YOU that you know you can be. See it, name it, own it and DROP IT. 
If you focus on BODY: shed a few extra pounds, clear your mind AND get more energy. When we eat better, we create better neurotransmitters and lift our mood while dropping pounds. 
If you focus on SPIRIT: remember the dreams that inspired you (or create new ones). This cleanse will help you shed negative thoughts and habits that lead to depression and apathy. 
If you focus on SPACE: create a home and workspace full of intention and potential. Get rid of the paper, the “stuff,” and the clutter you don’t need. One thing at a time or all at once, holding on to scraps from the past can hold us back from our future. 
Hi, I'm Dr. Maya!
I’m a conventionally trained pediatric neurologist who is also an herbalist and integrative doc. While I still (and probably forever will) love to geek out over the brain and mitochondria and science, I also am in full service to Mother Earth, to the spirit, and to the sacred. Treehugger, nature lover, earth mama, and stargazer right here! 

I’m also the author of the bestselling book The Dirt Cure, which digs into the science of healing from dirt—microbes, fresh food, plants, soil, sun, seeds, and nature. It's been featured in the New York Times, The Dr. Oz Show, and translated into 10 languages around the world! 

How it works 
  •  Self-paced weekly lessons
  • Each week, you’ll unlock 7 days of exercises at one time. You can take them day-by-day or deep dive on the prompts that most align with your goals.
  •  28 short daily exercises 
  • These exercises are a chance to take the right next step for YOU. With this cleanse, you can work as deeply or thoroughly as suits your lifestyle. You can focus on diet alone or you can include any area of your life where you want more courage to have EXACTLY what you want.
  •  Mobile device access 
  • You can access this cleanse on any mobile device or desktop computer. This way you can work through the material on the go, wherever it’s convenient for you. 
What you need to know 
“This cleanse was wonderfully different than I expected and so very helpful. Thank you!"
"I LOVED THIS, every single day! I got so much out of it. It reminded me of what's really important and helped me to focus on it."
“This is not like any other cleanse I've seen! I've changed my life on so many levels. Thank you so much!"
"Such incredible wisdom over these past weeks! There is so much good here. Thank you for helping me see so much possibility for myself."
You’ll love the Shetreat 28-Day Cleanse if you...
  •  Want a total life reboot 
  •  Are at a crossroads after a transition in a job or end of a relationship and want to figure out what to do next
  •  Need a gentle way to let go of what's not working and guidance on what to try instead
  •  Believe that everything is connected, and how you do anything is how you do everything. 
But if you want to deep dive on...
- Macronutrients, calories, etc.
-Environmental toxins
-Juice recipes
-Shopping list
This cleanse is not for you. 
This 360° cleanse is about getting happier AND healthier (major emphasis on the “happier” part.) I’ve found in my private practice that clients who are happier are intrinsically motivated get and stay healthier. 
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