Access Dr. Maya's Earth Medicine Transformation Bundle
Over the last few years, Dr. Maya has journeyed around the world to learn of the deep and magnificent ways Mother Nature heals. Now, she wants to share what she's learned...

Ground Yourself & Feel More Balanced

Sometimes you may feel unsettled or out of sorts. When that happens, these simple, accessible practices will help you connect to the Earth and get back to feeling like yourself.

Access Your Emotions & Connect to Your Intuition

Healing starts in the heart. But the heart needs daily care and maintenance to be able to do its work. This cleansing, heart-centered practice is wonderful for opening your heart, moving your emotions, and feeling gratitude.

Feel Lighter and Brighter with Plant Brushing

Cleaning with plants is an ancient practice used throughout the world that will help you move what's stuck inside of you, release difficult emotions and trauma, and start the process of healing.

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Spirit

This simple and brief technique can be done anywhere an at any time. It will help you to navigate difficult moments, and to feel calmer and more relaxed all the time.
Hi, I'm Dr. Maya!
I’m a conventionally trained pediatric neurologist who is also an herbalist and integrative doc. While I still (and probably forever will) love to geek out over the brain and mitochondria and science, I also am in full service to Mother Earth, to the spirit, and to the sacred. Treehugger, nature lover, earth mama, and stargazer right here! 

I’m also the author of the bestselling book The Dirt Cure, which digs into the science of healing from dirt—microbes, fresh food, plants, soil, sun, seeds, and nature. It's been featured in the New York Times, The Dr. Oz Show, and translated into 10 languages around the world! 

In the process of healing my youngest son after a seizure, I spent years deepening my connection to Mother Nature. I immersed myself in learning about the profound healing the Earth can offer from elders and indigenous medicine people all over the world. I became initiated in ancient methods that can transform your physical and mental health by way of your emotional and spiritual health--so you can share your UNIQUE MEDICINE with the world. This is how I found deep healing for my son, myself, and my patients. And now, I'm ready to share all that I know with you.
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